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Welcome, If you are using a screen reader we recommover switching to “Full Access Mode”. This mode is designed lớn help different types of navigation:

Each page is divided into lớn sections và each section is described by a title (headings navigation).The most important sections are assigned to a role (landmark navigation).On the top of each page you will find the quick links thực đơn (internal liên kết navigation). Each link is assigned lớn an accesskey (keyboard shortcut).

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Night mode. Night mode: this mode sets low luminance. It increases readability in dark environments. It is also useful for some people with reading disabilities such as dyslexia.


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Used in Roles:

All elements of the base markup (Global)No role required


true/falsetrue:Indicates that this section of the document và its children are hidden.false (default):Indicates that this section of the document is visible.

Indicates that theelement& all of its descendants are not visible orperceivabletoanyuser as implemented by the author.

If an element is only visible after some web10_user action, authors mustmix thearia-hiddenattributetotrue. When the element is presented, authors mustmix thearia-hidden attribute tofalseor remove sầu the attribute, indicating that the element is visible.

Some assistive technologies access ariainformation directly through theDOMvà not through platform Supported by user’s assistive technologies as well as the accessibility features in browsers & other web10_user agents.

” data-tiptheme=”tipthemeflatdarklight”data-tipdelayclose=”500″data-tipeventout=”mouseout”data-tipmouseleave=”false”data-tipcontent=”html” class=”jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip1″ id=”jqeasytooltip1″ title=”Accessibility Supported”>accessibility supported by the browser. Authors mustsetaria-hidden=”true”on content that is not displayed, regardless of the mechanism used to lớn hide it. This allowsassistive sầu technologiesoruser agentsto lớn properly skiphiddenelements in the document.

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It is recommended that authors key visibility of elements off this attribute, rather than change visibility and separately have to lớn rethành viên lớn update this property. CSS 2 provides a way toselect on attribute values. The followingCSSdeclaration makes content visible unless thearia-hiddenattribute istrue; scripts need only update thevalueof this attribute to lớn change visibility:

visibility: hidden; Note: Authors are reminded thatvisibility:hiddenanddisplay:noneapply toallCSStruyền thông types; therefore, use of either will hide the nội dung from assistive sầu technologies that access the DOM through a rendering engine.

However, in order lớn tư vấn assistive sầu technologies that access the DOM directly, or other authoring techniques khổng lồ visiblyhidenội dung (for example, opathành phố oroff-screen positioning), authors need lớn ensure thearia-hiddenattribute is always updated accordingly when an element is shown or hidden, unless the intent of using off-screen positioning is to lớn make the content visible only khổng lồ screen reader users and not others.

Authors may, with caution, use aria-hidden to hide visibly rendered nội dung from assistive sầu technologiesonlyif the act of hiding this nội dung is intended to lớn improve the experience for users of assistive sầu technologies by removing redundant or extraneous nội dung.

Authors using aria-hidden khổng lồ hide visible content from screen readers mustensure that identical or equivalent meaning and functionality is exposed to assistive sầu technologies.

Note: Authors are advised lớn use extreme caution và consider a wide range of disabilities when hiding visibly rendered content from assistive technologies. For example, a sighted, dexterity-impaired individual may use voice-controlled assistive sầu technologies to access a visual interface.

If an author hides visible liên kết text “Go to lớn checkout” và exposes similar, yet non-identical liên kết text “Check out now” lớn the Operating systems và other platforms provide a phối of interfaces that expose information aboutobjectsandeventstoassistive sầu technologies. Assistive sầu technologies use these interfaces to get information about & interact with thosewidgets. Examples of accessibility APIs are theMicrosoft Active Accessibility, theMicrosoft User Interface Automation, theMacOS XAccessibility Protocol, theLinux/Unix Accessibility Toolkit andAssistive sầu Technology Service Provider Interface, andIAccessible2.

” data-tiptheme=”tipthemeflatdarklight”data-tipdelayclose=”500″data-tipeventout=”mouseout”data-tipmouseleave=”false”data-tipcontent=”html” class=”jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip0″ id=”jqeasytooltip0″ title=”Accessibility API”>accessibility API, the web10_user may be unable lớn access the interface they perceive using voice control. Similar problems may also arise for screen reader users. For example, a sighted telephone support technician may attempt khổng lồ have the blind screen reader web10_user cliông chồng the “Go to checkout” liên kết, which they may be unable to lớn find using a type-ahead cửa nhà tìm kiếm (“Go to…”).

Note: Authors are advised lớn avoid usingaria-hidden=”false”with styles or attributes that have historically prevented rendering in all modalities, such as display:noneorvisibility:hiddenin CSS, or thehiddenattribute in HTML 5.

At the time of this writing,aria-hidden=”false”is known to work inconsistently when used in conjunction with such features. As future implementations improve, use caution and thử nghiệm thoroughly before relying on this approach.

Note: For cross-browser compatibility, always use the ariaattribute syntax to lớn access và modify ariaproperties, for exampleobject.setAttribute(“aria-valuenow”, newValue).


HTMLJavaScriptobject.setAttribute(“aria-hidden”,value);var value = object.getAttribute(“aria-hidden”);Microsoft Active sầu Accessibility Properties: