File splitter & joiner là gì

Use khổng lồ divide one file into multiple smaller files or extract specific pages to lớn a new file. Free to use, no registration or download needed.

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There are many ways to split a file. You can split one big file into many smaller, one-page files. You can split them into multiple files, in various page ranges. Or you can also pick the pages from one file to extract into a brand new file. The only question is: where and how?

Luckily for you, has the answer khổng lồ this problem. Our tệp tin Splitter can divide your files quickly, in many different formats. One of the most popular file types lớn split is PDF, it’s also one of the easiest to cut out as well.


What about Word, PPT, JPG, và Excel?


Need an image splitter? No biggie, we’ve got you covered. You can take advantage of the fact that we can convert these files to và from PDF, as well as our connected workflows feature to lớn split them.

Click “Split PDF” from the toolbar on the right-hand side.Follow the previous instructions to split your file.Afterwards, you can just convert the file back to whatever format you converted it from.

Splitting One file Into Multiple Files


If you want lớn split your file into multiple PDFs, you can try our 7-day không tính phí trial khổng lồ use this pro feature. You can also use the Desktop App’s batch processing function.

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Here’s how to do it with the Desktop App:

Open your PDF in the app. If the file is not in PDF, you can use the Convert tool to change its format.Select the pages you want to lớn extract, then right-click & choose “Export page(s) as.” Select the format you want and you’re done!No tải về is required, as the ứng dụng processes your files offline. Instead, our tệp tin splitter will prompt you with a pop-up lớn pick where to lớn save your files.

Reverting Changes


Oops … Have you accidentally deleted a file? Or need to lớn modify your files further? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We have a suite of 21 useful PDF tools to lớn help you out, including:

We hope you found that helpful. Happy splitting!



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Reduce the form size of your PDF while maintaining its original chất lượng and formatting offline. Không tính tiền to download and use.

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