Happy belated birthday là gì


When you’re late with sending your best wishes for someone’s birthday, you have plenty of options for saying you’re sorry you’re late & that you still wish them a happy birthday.

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If you’re using the word “belated,” however, have sầu no doubt—happy belated birthday is the wrong way of doing it. Belated happy birthday is the correct formulation.

It seems that today it’s almost impossible to lớn not know when someone’s birthday is, and we have social networks khổng lồ thank for that. Facebook will notify you when one of your friends has a birthday & so will LinkedIn. Google+ will enter your connections’ birthdays into your calendar. Even Skype, which is not even a social network, will remind you lớn send birthday wishes lớn your contacts. But we still manage to lớn forget about (or procrastinate on) sending best wishes for birthdays now and again. And that’s when the late greetings come inlớn play.

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The go-khổng lồ late birthday greeting contains the phrase “happy birthday” & the word belated. It comes up in two variants—happy belated birthday, và belated happy birthday. One of the two might be more commonly used in the United States, and funnily enough, it’s the one that’s not exactly logical—happy belated birthday. Let’s see why.


The Meaning of Happy Belated Birthday

The word belated means that something is late or delayed. If you wrote the phrase happy belated birthday but changed the word belated lớn its synonym “late,” you’d get happy late birthday. And this might be correct if the birthday were the thing that was late, but since a birthday is the anniversary of someone’s birth it can’t be late—or early, for that matter. Greetings can be late, however, so it makes much more sense to lớn say late happy birthday, which is why belated happy birthday is the correct formulation. When you write the greeting correctly, belated modifies the phrase happy birthday. When you write it incorrectly, happy modifies the phrase belated birthday. You should keep this in mind when sending other greetings as well.

Examples of Belated Happy Birthday

It was a belated ‘Happy Birthday’ lớn Her Majesty as families turned out for a celebratory cream tea yesterday.—Cambridge News

Canter knew things were on the mover when Axl’s cthua ally, Del James, wished Slash a belated happy birthday on Twitter on July 23 last year—something unthinkable unless Axl and Slash were reconciled.—The Daily Mail

A belated happy birthday lớn RTÉ’s popular head of web5_news và current affairs, Kevin Bakhurst.—The Irish Times