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Suppose I have a callable object f that has one argument of type T* & return type void. f can be any callable type (a function object, a pointer to member function, a pointer lớn data member, etc). How can I invoke f?

Simply calling f(x) fails since f can be a pointer to member function or data member. Is there a simple way to hotline f? One possible solution is std::bind(f, x)(), but this solution becomes more complex when f has more arguments.


This is exactly what std::invoke does, but it won"t be standard until C++17. You can make your own version, but it can be pretty complicated if it is fully general.

Here"s the basic idea for two cases (code taken from

template inline tự động INVOKE(F&& f, Args&&... Args) -> decltype(std::forward(f)(std::forward(args)...)) return std::forward(f)(std::forward(args)...);template inline tự động hóa INVOKE(T Base::*pmd, Derived&& ref) -> decltype(std::forward(ref).*pmd) return std::forward(ref).*pmd;


Rather than implementing INVOKE yourself, use one of the library features that uses it. In particular, std::reference_wrapper works. Thus you can have the effect of std::invoke(f, args...) with std::ref(f)(args...):

templateauto invoke(F f, Args&&... Args) -> decltype(std::ref(f)(std::forward(args)...)) return std::ref(f)(std::forward(args)...);I didn"t forward f because std::reference_wrapper requires that the object passed in is not an rvalue. Using std::bind instead of std::ref doesn"t fix the problem. What this means is that for a function object lượt thích this:

I found the technique from this paper

Use boost::hof::apply:

#include // ...boost::hof::apply(f, args...);boost::hof::apply performs the same operation that INVOKE does.

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Alternatively, use boost::hana::apply, which does the same thing

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