K lite codec pack là gì


The K-Lite Codec Paông xã is a collection of DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codecs, và tools. Codecs và DirectShow filters are needed for encoding và decoding audio và đoạn Clip formats. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your audio và movie files. With the K-Lite Codec Paông chồng you should be able to play all the popular audio và Clip formats & even several less comtháng formats.

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General strong points:

The paông xã provides an excellent out-of-the-box experience for novice users, while at the same time offering many options for expert users khổng lồ tweak things.
The paông chồng offers a high màn chơi of flexibility. You can for example configure your preferred decoders & splitters for many formats.
Works great in combination with Windows Media Player & Media Center. Both also with other popular DirectShow players such as Media Player Classic, ZoomPlayer, KMPlayer, PotPlayer, GOM Player, & many others.
Uninstallation removes everything that was installed by the paông xã. Including all registry keys. All changes are properly undone & reverted to lớn the state prior to the installation of the pachồng.
This paông xã has a huge user base. This means that problems are found & resolved quickly.

Unique features compared to lớn other codec packs:

The paông chồng works on all versions of Windows from XP up to lớn Windows 10. The intelligent installer automatically adapts itself based on your version of Windows. It also adapts itself based on what other codecs are already installed on your computer.
The installer is able khổng lồ detect broken codecs & DirectShow filters on your system, and helps you lớn fix those problems. This chất lượng functionality has helped thousands of people solve problems they were unable to fix themselves or with other packs.
It helps clean up other codecs installed on your computer. The installer is able khổng lồ detect and remove over 100 different codec & filter packs. This helps you get rid of old junk, prevents conflicts, and leaves you with just the essential và best codecs.
It does not contain any codecs or filters that are known to be bad, buggy or unstable. In fact, the installer is able to detect & disable several known troublemakers that may already be present on your computer. This solves problems và improves system stability.
There are different variants of the paông chồng. From small lớn large. You can piông chồng the one that fits your needs.
The pachồng implements special blacklists for some of its included DirectShow filters. These blacklists are used to lớn avoid compatibility issues with certain applications & games. Helpdesks & other tư vấn staff often recommover the K-Lite Codec Pachồng because of its abilities khổng lồ fix problems và its features khổng lồ ensure optimal compatibility.
The best available codecs are already selected for you by codec experts. There is no need lớn figure out what you need.
It is much easier to lớn keep all your codecs up-to-date. There no need lớn keep trachồng of updates khổng lồ individual components.

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Components are automatically configured khổng lồ work together in perfect harmony. Something that is not easily achieved if you would install everything manually. Certainly not if you use a phối of different splitters và decoders.
More configuration options during installation. This is particularly useful for unattended installs.
The paông xã provides extended video clip thumbnail generation functionality for Windows Explorer. All popular video clip tệp tin formats are supported.
Adds support for showing tệp tin properties such as duration và width/height in Windows Explorer for FLV và MKV video files.
The pack automatically configures Windows Media Player và Media Center to recognize all comtháng audio and đoạn phim tệp tin formats, so that such files show up in your truyền thông library. Normally this would require all kinds of manual Registry tweaks.

Advantages of the codec pack compared khổng lồ using a standalone copy of MPC-HC:

The paông xã supports playbachồng of a few more audio và Clip formats. You get better video chất lượng when you use MPC-HC in combination with madVR. This is an advanced video renderer that is included in the codec paông xã. You get more frequent updates of MPC-HC. The paông xã includes stable development builds of MPC-HC and LAV Filters. This means you will get access to lớn the lakiểm tra improvements and fixes much sooner. The pachồng provides additional functionality that is not directly related lớn playbaông xã. For example video clip thumbnail generation in Windows Explorer, and display of MKV file properties in Windows Explorer. Codecs are available lớn other applications as well (if you want). It is also possible to lớn install the codecs just for MPC-HC.

Advantages of the codec pack compared khổng lồ using VLC Player:

You get better đoạn phim quality when you use MPC-HC in combination with madVR (an advanced video clip renderer). The pack provides additional functionality that is not directly related khổng lồ playback. For example đoạn Clip thumbnail generation in Windows Explorer, and display of MKV file properties in Windows Explorer. The pack provides more hardware acceleration options. Better support for MKV files. Better performance for rendering SSA/ASS subtitles. MPC-HC loads much faster than VLC. MPC-HC provides a better user interface (in our opinion). Codecs are also available khổng lồ other applications.


There are four variants of the K-Lite Codec Pack:

The basic variant contains everything you need to lớn play all the common đoạn phim file formats. Such as AVI, MKV, MP4, OGM, & FLV. This paông chồng is for those who like a small no-nonsense pachồng. It is small, but powerful.

The standard variant contains a few additional features compared to lớn the basic variant. It contains Media Player Classic, which is an excellent player for đoạn phim files. This paông chồng is recommended for the average user.

The full variant has some extras compared lớn the standard variant. It additionally contains GraphStudioNext, và a few extra DirectShow filters.

The mega variant is the most complete paông chồng. It additionally contains VFW/ACM codecs for video clip encoding/editing.

For detailed tables with comparisons of the abilities & contents of the different variants of the codec pachồng, have a look at the comparison of abilities & comparison of contents pages.

To tải về the K-Lite Codec Pack, visit the tải về page.

Compatible with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. Both x86 và x64.