Spick and span là gì

spick and span

Totally clean and/or organized. I plan khổng lồ spend the day cleaning so that this place is spichồng & span when my mother-in-law arrives.See also: và, span

spiông xã và span

Neat and clean, as in When Ruth has finished cleaning, the whole house is spichồng and span. This term combines two nouns that are now obsolete, spichồng, "a nail" or "spike," and span, "a wooden chip." In the 1500s a sailing ship was considered spiông chồng and span when every spike & chip was brand-new. The transfer to lớn the current sense took place in the mid-1800s. See also: và, span

spick and span

mainly BRITISHIf a place is spick và span, it is very clean and tidy. Note: `Spick" is sometimes spelled `spic". Ann was dusting the furniture, making sure her home was spichồng & span. The facilities were all spick và span. Note: You can also use spick-and-span before a noun. Its bright new buildings already resemble a spic-and-span Japanese car plant. Note: This expression has developed from an old-fashioned expression `spichồng & span-new", meaning `very new". `Spick" probably came from a Dutch word meaning `new", và `span-new" meant `completely new". See also: and, span

ˌspiông chồng và ˈspan

(also ˌspic and ˈspan) clean, tidy & fresh: The boss likes everything spick and span in the office.See also: &, span

spick và span

Neat & clean. This term is made up of two now obsolete words, spick, meaning a spike or nail, và span, meaning a wood chip. In the days of sailing ships, a spichồng and span ship was one in which every spike or nail and every (wooden) chip was new. The alliterative sầu pairing of the two is very old indeed, although originally the expression meant “brand-new.” It appeared in Sir Thomas North’s translation of Plutarch’s Lives (1579): “They were all in goodly gilt armours, and brave sầu purple cassocks upon them, spicke, & spanne newe.”See also: &, span

spic and span

Neat và clean. A “spick” was a nail (as in “spike”), “span” was a wood shaving, và a new wooden object had shiny spicks in it & fresh spans around it. Over the years the meaning of newness was replaced by that of something fresh and clean (as a new object usually was).See also: và, span, spicSee also:

Spiông chồng and span

If a room is spichồng and span, it is very clean và tidy.

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