Stay on top of là gì

To “stay on vị trí cao nhất of” something means to lớn be continuously aware of it and give it your regular attention.

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Stay on vị trí cao nhất of

Today’s expression is “stay on đứng top of.” If your car is full of sensors, your car might be able to tell you when parts are about lớn break down or when you need service. This extra information will help consumers stay on vị trí cao nhất of maintenance, kind of lượt thích how airlines stay on đứng đầu of maintaining their fleets of aircraft.

It’s important lớn stay on top of maintenance. If you don’t change the oil, rotate the tires, kiểm tra the brakes, replace the belts, and replace the filters, then you could run into problems on the road. If you stay on đứng đầu of all that maintenance, though, you probably won’t have many problems.

By now you might have guessed that to lớn “stay on top of” your car’s maintenance is to lớn be continuously aware of it & give it your regular attention. It doesn’t mean that you’re always only thinking about your car—although that may be the case for some of you! But it does mean that you don’t ignore maintenance & that when something is needed, you pay attention and do what’s necessary.

“Stay on vị trí cao nhất of” is something you can use in many parts of your life. We all know people whose financial lives are a mess: they don’t know how much they make, they don’t know how much they spend, they don’t seem khổng lồ be making any progress in their financial lives. However, we also probably know people who stay on top of their finances. They track their spending, they have spending & savings goals, they are aware of their income và expenses & pay frequent attention khổng lồ it.

Some of you, I know, stay on top of the financial markets. You track what’s going on with stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, và such. Again, it doesn’t mean this dominates your life. But you stay on vị trí cao nhất of the markets: you are generally aware of what’s going on, you’re looking for opportunities, you take kích hoạt when it’s appropriate.

This is a good time khổng lồ mention that we use “stay on top of” when there’s some action required. For example, I’m watching a college basketball tournament as I write this. I’m watching, but I’m not taking any action; I’m just enjoying the games. But the reporters on television are staying on top of all the games. They need to lớn be constantly aware of what’s going on so they can report the news during halftime shows và during the games. They are staying on đứng top of all the action: they’re monitoring it và taking notes so they can report on it later.

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We can use this for professionals in any industry. Fitness trainers will stay on vị trí cao nhất of the latest scientific research into physical fitness so they can give their clients the best possible advice. Website developers will stay on top of changes to major software platforms and tools at their disposal. A khách sạn general manager will stay on top of the latest health and safety rules as well as trends in the travel industry post-COVID. In each case, the professionals are monitoring what’s going on, staying informed, & taking kích hoạt when necessary.

JR’s tuy vậy of the week

Today’s tuy nhiên of the week is called “Blood” by the Australian indie folk band The Middle East. The song is mellow & sad, about loss và separation in a single family. “Blood” by the band The Middle East is the song of the week. Thanks, JR!

See you next time!

That’s all for today. I just remembered, as I was thinking of examples, that I don’t always stay on vị trí cao nhất of maintenance in my apartment. I’m supposed to lớn change the filter on the furnace once a month. They say to do it on the first of every month, and I haven’t done it since January. It’s hard lớn stay on đứng top of all these things! So I’m going to do that after I get done recording this lesson.

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