Way to go là gì

good job

informal An expression of praise for having done something well. (It can also be used sarcastically to mean the opposite.) Mary: "Dad, I got an A+ on my midterm exam!" Bill: "Good job, sweetie!" Good job, Frank, now we"re going lớn have sầu to rebuild this entire mã sản phẩm from scratch.See also: good, job

way to go!

Good job! Congratulations! Way khổng lồ go on reaching your charity goal of $100,000! A: "I just found out I got inkhổng lồ Harvard!" B: "Wow, way to go!"See also: way

(that"s the) way khổng lồ go

Inf. a phrase encouraging someone lớn continue the good work. As John ran over the finish line, everyone cried, "That"s the way lớn go!" "Way to lớn go!" said Mary when Bob finally got the car started.See also: go, way

way to go

Well done, as in That was a great lecture-way to go! This exclamation of approval và encouragement originated in sports, addressed to lớn athletes who are performing well. In the 1960s it began to lớn be used for any kind of achievement. See also: go, way

way to lớn go

People say Way to lớn go! to show that they are pleased or impressed by something someone has done. Upon exiting, the fans broke into applause & someone called out `Way lớn go, Mike".See also: go, way

way to lớn go

used to express pleasure, approval, or excitement.

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North American informal 1990 Robert Oliver Making Champions You had Bechard shakin". He wasn"t gonmãng cầu mess with you. Way lớn go! See also: go, way

way to go

Well done, good for you. Generally uttered as an exclamation, this expression of approval and encouragement originated in sports & in the 1960s began lớn be transferred khổng lồ other endeavors. Emma Lathen had it in the mystery novel Murder without Icing (1973), “‘Way khổng lồ go, Billy!’ ‘Rah! Rah! Billy Siragusa!’” A similar ubiquitous phrase is good job, used both as a compliment and encouragement by teachers lớn students and in many other venues. For example, “Good job, Paul—that’s a great drawing.” See also right on.See also: go, waySee also:

way lớn go

good work, good for you, good going "When Kelly scores a goal, we yell, ""Way to go, man!"""
waver between (someone or something) & (someone or something else) WAVES wax wax & wane wax angry wax eloquent wax lyrical wax lyrical about wax lyrical about something wax poetic wax wroth waxed way way baông chồng way baông xã when way down way it plays way of life way off way off base way out way rad way the wind blows, which way to a man's heart is through his stomach way lớn a man's heart, the way khổng lồ go way to go! Way! way-out ways và means wayside wazoo wazooed WBAGNFARB WBMTTPhường WBU WCW WDYM WDYT we we (all) have to eat a peông xã of dirt before we die we alặng lớn please we all make mistakes We don't need no stinkin' (something)! we have khổng lồ (learn to) walk before we (can) run we have sầu lớn vày lunch sometime we haven't got all day we must (learn to) walk before we (can) run we must vày lunch sometime we must vì chưng this again (sometime) We must learn lớn walk before we can run water down water under the bridge watering hole wax eloquent wax poetic way cool way out (away out) way out of line (away out of line) way lớn go way you hold your... WC weak kneed wear down wear off wear one wear out wear out one"s welcome

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